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Translating comics has never been easier

For readers

Pay for the plan not for the comic Affordable pricing plans make it easy for you to read more comics at the price of one comic book.
Read on your Favorite Device The web based tool can be accessed from any device, & is not lmited to a single device like a browser extension or mobile app.
Translate whole comic in a Snap Supports compressed ZIP, CBR, CBZ files so you can upload the whole comic & get it translated instantly.
Access Comic Anytime Once you translate comic you can access it any time you want. It gets saved in your account.
Major languages Covered Supports 40+ major languages around the globe, so you don't only have to read comics in English.
Enhanced Reading Experience Reading comics online has never been this good. Comic translate brings on features with automatic zoom, infinite scroll, & interface that is easy to navigate for translating & reading.

For scanlators

Translation God Translate the same comic into multiple languages at the same time.
Typesetting For Perfection Make changes according to you in the translations. Choose from Different fonts, Text color, Size, Alignment, or simply make the text bold or Italic.
Offline Access Download comics to read & share later
Magic to Erase Remove any unwanted entity in the scans with Magic Eraser.
Iterate & Export the Best Generates multiple iteration of translation to pick the best & Export the comic in PDF, CBZ, & CBR formats.
Navigate without a Map Easy moving between the project & comic pages. One can instatly jump from reagion to region.