5 Best OCR Softwares in 2022

5 Best OCR Softwares in 2022
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OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a great technological advancement helping transform printed material into digital text.

After all, when the text is in the digital configuration it can be edited and it becomes easier to share the documents over the internet. Digital files are a boon for adults and kids who have trouble reading.

There are two types of OCRs, physical OCR hardware, which can be used on physical documents directly.

And the second type is software OCR which can extract text from a scanned copy of a document, a video, or from an image. OCR software can again be of 3 types that is OCR API, OCR Desktop software, or OCR Web-based software

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a combination of OCR software that can be web-based, OCR API, or OCR desktop application and we’ll list out the 5 best OCR Software in 2022.

5 Best OCR Software in 2022

  1. Google Cloud Vision
Google Cloud Vision API

One part of Google Cloud vision API is Google Cloud Vision OCR which extracts text from images. Specifically, it uses text annotation and document text annotation, the two annotations that help the AI with character recognition, and is highly used for Image Analysis around the globe.

From text annotation GCV extracts & provides an output of machine-encoded text from any picture.

The document text annotation is used for text documents, thus supporting more smaller & more concentrated texts. Google Cloud Vision support 55 languages and google keeps on adding more to the list. Currently, many of the languages are in the experimental stage and soon will be added to the support. The best part about Google Cloud Vision is that it is not limited to texts, it can do much more than that.

It can also detect shapes, labels, products, logos, faces & objects from an image. Google Cloud Vision is easy to recommend to anyone with OCR services in their system.

2. Microsoft OCR / Computer Vison

Microsoft Computer Vision OCR

Microsoft OCR also known as Computer Vision is one of the best OCR software around the world. It provides star-of-the-art algorithms to process pictures and returns information.

The best portion about Microsoft OCR is that it also has other features like determining accent & dominant colors, categorizing the contents of a picture, and it can also describe a picture with complete English sentences.

With the support of 25 languages, Computer Vision is already integrated into products like OneDrive, Word, Office Lens, Microsoft Translator, Bing, One Note, etc.

3. OCR Space

OCR Space

The most recognized free online OCR service on the internet today is OCR Space. It is famous for its free online OCR, where a user can visit their website and upload a picture and get OCR service for free.

OCR space is limited to text only and it does not provide other features like the product, object, or logo recognition that are available in other OCR services. Although it has the support of 24 languages.

The best part is OCR space’s web application is completely free to use. OCR Space also has an OCR API service which also has free and paid subscription options.

4. Abby Fine Read PDF & Fine Reader OCR Engine

Abby Fine Read PDF

A lot of amazing products combine Optical Character Recognition and PDF editing functions into one application. But none of those are as good and impressive as Abbyy Fine Reader OCR. The integration of PDF, OCR, and Document comparison features smooth as silk & fine read absolutely crushes its competition. Although it is a paid desktop software it is worth the price as it provides many features, and does the job perfectly.

Abbyy also provides its online OCR Services with its FineReader OCR Engine. Abbyy Fine Read PDF feature list includes editing PDF, OCR features, and Document comparison. Abby’s PDF OCR & its OCR API service is worth every penny you spent on it.

5. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC OCR

Adobe’s Acrobat DC is definitely not the cheapest option in the market for PDF OCR editors, but it is still making up this list for a reason. And the reason is its stability and its speed.

Acrobat DC is a very stable software and it can handle many files at a single time without crashing. The speed at which it can do things is unlike no other. The desktop software is pretty much everything one needs for working on PDF documents and want to take the work to the next level. Acrobat DC also has an easy-to-use UI & everything is presented nicely.


6. Tesseract

Tesseract OCR

Tesseract is a free OCR software. Tesseract was developed by HP Labs, HP Co, and Greeley Colorado between 1985 and 1994. This OCR software is free to use although it is licensed under Apache License. In 2005 it was released as open-source and the development of tesseract has been sponsored by Google since 2006.

This is it, that’s the list of Best OCR Software in 2022. We took a look at a variety of different OCR software, within which some were free OCR software, some only offered OCR API services and some OCR Software were desktop-based software.

We'd like to show you something that is based on an OCR.

If you’re looking for OCR software for translation purposes, we suggest you should also take a look at ImageTranslate. That combines the image OCR and translation into one web-based software. Unlike any other picture translation tool where it only provides translation of the text.

ImageTranslate online picture translator with OCR

ImageTranslate is a unique software in the world that can translate the text in a picture and recreate the same picture in a different language.

The best part of ImageTranslate is it saves up a lot of time manually extracting text from an image with OCR and then translating it and recreating the image using photoshop which requires a great understanding of photoshop software & graphic designing. ImageTranslate can do all of it in under 30 seconds.

ImageTranslate & how it works

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Manual Picture Translation vs ImageTranslate 

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