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Translate images into different languages in 30 seconds

Best for translating scanned documents, product manuals, and comics.

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An image is worth a thousand words. Translate images and pictures.

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How it works

1. Upload

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ImageTranslate supports

All standard file formats

JPGs, PNGs, BMPs and Scanned PDFs

40 languages

Across Asian, European and Middle-eastern

Batch conversion

Handle big volumes and optimize repeated tasks

Many controls, One tool

The power of automation with the freedom of control

Optical Character Recognition

Recognizes and extracts text from different portions of the image

ocr image text

Original text erasure

Automatically removes original text preserving the surroundings of the image.

ocr text from image and remove it

Machine Translation

Instantly translates recognized text using Google Translate into 40 different languages.

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Fonts, color & size prediction

Applies the same formatting found in original text to translated text.

picture font translator

Project management

Manages the status of images in a project across chosen languages.

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Covered by trusted names in the indusry

Around the world

Users and companies from 120+ countries use ImageTranslate everyday

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Loved by our users

I loved how the text completely blended in the image, so it looked EXACTLY like the source, but then in my target language. Super!
Anca, Romanian translator
Did my best to make it fail, but it was very close to good even in my worst possible cases.
Stepan Konev, member
This is a very helpful tool for translating manuals for chinese products which I buy from aliexpress.
Pawan Agarwal, Nepal
I am happy to know that such tools exist in the market, I am a German language translator and often come across non editable images.
Brian Kruger, German freelancer translator

There's a plan for everyone!

ImageTranslate let's you easily translate product images, comics, scanned documents, PDFs, screenshots, advertisements, infographics, drawings and other images. Go from any source language to 40+ target languages. Batch mode is also available. We support PNG, JPG, BMP and other raster formats.