Instantly translate comics in your language

Always wanted to read those Japanese and Korean comics in your language? Hop on to ImageTranslate!

Instantly translate comics in your language
Translate Comics in your Language Instantly

Are you an avid comic reader, always excited to read your favourite comics, manga, manhwa? But what if these are not available in your language? Would you wait for the comics to be translated in your native language, or read them as soon as they are published?

With ImageTranslate, you can now dive into the exciting world of comics in any language. Easily translate comics you always wanted to read, in a matter of a few seconds.

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How to Translate Comics Using ImageTranslate?

Once you have created your account, upload the comic pages that you want to translate. With ImageTranslate, you can translate over 20 comic strips at a time.

Select the source and the target language for your comic translation, sip a cup of coffee, and voila your translated comic is ready to be downloaded.

What is so special about comic translation with ImageTranslate?

Translation Just Like Original Comic

ImageTranslate recognises the text drawn in the picture and translates it automatically. It allows you to retain the essence of your original comic by recreating the exact image in the target language.

Supports Customisations

You can change text size, color, font, and placement with a few easy steps. You can also change the translations to keep the context of the comic phrase intact.

Offline Access

All the translated images are always available on your dashboard. But you can also download the translated comic strips for offline access, and read them at your own convenient time.

Supports Multiple Languages

Not just 1, or 2.., ImageTranslate supports more than 40 languages, including vertical texts. However, with vertical texts, you will have to select the text regions individually for translation.

Have a look at the below tutorial to get going!

How to translate comics in another language

We at ImageTranslate understand the annoying translation issues that comic readers face, and all our work is attempted towards solving them. Our users are reading their favourite comics and manga by converting them from Japanese to English, Chinese to English, English to Arabic, English to Spanish, and many more languages.

And if you are one of these enthusiastic comic readers, ImageTranslate is just the tool for you. Check it out now!

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Happy reading!