Guide- How to Translate Social Media Posts in Different Languages

Guide- How to Translate Social Media Posts in Different Languages
How to Translate Social Media Post

Whether you run a small shop or a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, social media presence is important. As it has become more than a trend & an essential part of marketing strategy. Social media can help you to interact with customers, increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, generate leads, and so on.

If you want to expand your brand’s reach to different geographies, it is important that you create different social media accounts that cater to people of specific geographies. Moreover, the social media content posted on those accounts should be in the language of the audience that’s been targeted.

This is why creating social media content in different languages is crucial. But, creating the same content in different languages is time-consuming, and it requires translation and graphic designing skills.

There are a few companies that provide social media translation services like:
Steps social media translate, Translate Plus Social Media Service, and many more.

You’ll have to provide them with the content and a specialized team for each task which is to translate social media content, typeset and redraw everything and give the translated version of the social media content.

Hence this task becomes a complex process and indeed time-consuming. The coordination of teams takes a lot of time.

The brands can’t afford to lose this time as social media trends come and go real quick. And they might want to jump on the bandwagon.

How about we tell you, that you can translate social media content into 40+ different languages in one click? That requires no special skill sets for translations or graphic design for translating social media content.

With ImageTranslate you can translate social media content in under 30 seconds. Let us show you how:

How to Translate Social Media Post.

-Sign up with ImageTranslate & Create a new project to translate social media posts.

- Select the source language & target language. (Source Language: The language actually used in the post & Target language: the language you want the post to be translated into)

- Click ‘Next’

The social media post will be translated & presented in 30 seconds. You can download it in the translated language.

Here’s an example of social media post translated from English to German, Hindi & Spanish language.

ImageTranslate utilizes the process of image translation & helps you saves time & money for creating multilingual social media posts.

As the tool does OCR, Translation, Typesetting, and Redrawing all in one.

ImageTranslate is a unique kind of picture translator, it has features like

Typesetting with ImageTranslate

Typesetting: Where the translations can be edited, change the font of the text, change font color, alignment, or make the text bold or italic as per requirement.

Regions feature of ImageTranslate

Regions: Where the user can change the size of the text, reposition and align the text in the post.

Magic Eraser in the works

Magic Eraser: This tool is great for removing any unwanted entity from the image.

This is how you can translate social media content by yourself, and save precious time & money.

You can also Translate infographics, Translate Advertisements, Translate PDF files, Translate Documents & much more. You read our other blogs to know what more ImageTranslate can do.

You check out our quick video on how to translate images.

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