5 Best Website Localization Tools | Website Translation & Localization Guide

A guide for Best website localization tools.

5 Best Website Localization Tools | Website Translation & Localization Guide
5 Best Website Localization Tools.

Website localization is an important process if you wish to sell your products across countries. It incorporates adjusting the existing website to the local language, culture, and preferences.

Language is the backbone of communication. But, website localization is more complicated than just copy-pasting text from Google Translate. The meanings of words differ from language to language, and machine translation simply isn’t highly accurate. The translations need to have proper meaning and are easy to understand by the reader/user.

Localization tools for websites, support the website developer and manager to automate the translation, optimization and simplifying of application, media, and software content to align with the local culture website visitors need.

So we compiled a list of the 5 best localization tools for website localization that will make your life much easier.

1. Bablic

Bablic Website

Bablic is a complete website localization solution. With Bablic, you won’t require to make extensive changes to the back-end of the website, change the website's structure just to integrate a new language, or deal with translation agencies or translators. Bablic claims you can translate a website in just 3 steps, that is 1. Submit your website URL 2. Make the needful changes in content images and layout 3. Publish the website with a new language by just copy-pasting a code onto the website.

2. Localize

Localize Website

Localize is one of the best translators that offer a cloud-based translation management system that is fully featured with advanced translation workflows, allowing translator and content managers to create, problem review & publish translated content with ease.

For companies that are looking for outsourcing the translation part, Localize provides access to on-demand translations through their network of professional translators.

3. SDL MultiTerm / Trados

SDL MultiTerm Website

SDL MultiTerms or A.K.A Trados lets you effectively manage content, languages, and channels for your global brand. It lets you collaborate with central terminology management which in turn helps you drive competitive differentiation. SDL MultiTerm if not the best, but it is the best tool for creating team-based glossaries on excel, exporting terminology, and active terminology recognition.

4. Verifika QA

Verfika QA Website

You’ve probably done translating content on your website with the help of translator tools. But what about its quality? Is it consistent with your website? Verifika Quality Assurance helps you with quality assurance. This QA tool is for people who are seeking high-accuracy translation. Verifika can detect and resolve formal errors in translation files and memories. Its powerful algorithm helps in detecting formatting, consistency, spelling, grammar, terminology, and formatting in the target language.

5. Redmine

Redmine Website

Redmine is the primary choice for website owners when it comes to bug tracking or error management in website localization. Remine is easy to get grips with, and it can be installed directly on the website server. The forty where Redmine shines concerning its competitors is customizability. Users can define their workflow for issues and set priorities. And if that wasn't enough it is a free tool to download.

You’ve come to the end, so here’s a bonus tool for translating websites. We’ve talked about translating content on the website, which could be text, media files, etc, but what about the images?

Images are a key part of the website. From all the tools that we’ve mentioned unfortunately none of them translate text in the image.

Don’t worry, ImageTranslate is here for you.

Allow us to introduce ImageTranslate

ImageTranslate lets you translate text in the image and recreate the same image in another language. The process of Image Translation, it will make your website more aligned with the targeted audience. Whether you have a product-selling website where you keep updating the website with images or you have a services website, Imagetranslate saves you a lot of time.

ImageTranslate gets you
-Translations from 40+ languages,-Project management dashboard where you can come back anytime to access previously translated projects.

- Translate images in bulk in batches

- Can edit translated text, choose from different fonts, move & resize text, and make the text bold or italic.

- ImageTranslate also has an API, where you can simply integrate Imagetranslate onto your website.

Check out how ImageTranslate works:

How to translate a picture using ImageTranslate

Visit: ImageTranslate.com