5 Ways to Optimize Dropshipping Product Page

5 Ways to Optimize Dropshipping Product Page
5 Best tips to optimize dropshipping product page.

So you opened up a dropshipping store or online store and enjoyed good traffic on your store that is funneling with your marketing efforts. But when you see the numbers on the sales funnel, it is crystal clear that you’ve got some work to do.

The product pages of the store should be convincing people to add the products to the cart & buy the product. But guess that’s not happening, & it is reflecting on the sales funnel.

Well, don’t worry we are here to help you with optimizing the product pages.

Ecommerce Product Page 

We listed down 5 eCommerce product page best practices that will help you make more sales.

5 ways to optimize Dropshipping product pages

1. Well-branded product page

A brand is not limited to social media posts, reels & your brand's logo. Your brand is very important as it is everything you stand for.

To create a brand's identity in customers' minds it is very important that you should differentiate your brand from the competition. The product page should imply what your brand stands for, and who the people your brand serves are.

Well-branded product page

The people who funnel to your product/landing page might never visit the website's home page, this is why it is important that the brand is in good light, so the customer should recognize the brand instantly.

So if you are starting from scratch on the product page using the product page template then keep in mind that you should integrate your brand's DNA.

2. Clear call to action (CTA)

There’s only one goal you have to focus on, and that is to get the customer to click “Buy Now”. The CTA button on the page should stand out from the surrounding. There should be no content, our interlinks near the CTA button, it should be clutter-free with absolutely no distractions.

No clutter, just select the size & go to CTA

The position of the CTA button should be right beside the product photographs, the product’s content should be below the buttons, and it shouldn't be another way around.

3. Good Product Description

The product description should contain information that serves your existing & potential customers. Customers can come up to you with good knowledge about what they are about to purchase, and others will be coming in with less background information. So it is important that there’s the right amount of information, not too much & not too little.

Product page with good product description

The product information you share in the description should be easy to understand for as many as possible, without talking down on customers.

(Bonus tip: For eCommerce product page SEO, the product description can be utilized to embed important keywords. But remember, don’t go too heavy on them, try and keep the description simple as possible)

4. Price justification

The product descriptions provide information about the product and also provide a sense that the product is value for money for the customer. But the customer has to go through the product description to understand the product’s valve.

Instead what you can do is provide an extra bit of information right beside the product’s price. It starts off with just a simple line such as ‘Quality Matters’ with an additional pop-up link for more information about why the price of the product is justified.

If you have a simple product with a high price point, it is important there’s enough written about the materials, passions & origin of the product.

5. Good product photography

The perks of selling over the internet are that you can cater to the entire world, it is easy to scale, no opening time restrictions, higher margins, and better cash flow. But the downside is that the customer can’t, try, touch, and feel the products before buying them.

Product page with great product images

The photographs & videos of products become the foundational component of selling online. No matter what anyone says, on the internet people will judge the book by its cover, because the cover becomes their only reference point for making a purchase decision, so thus you should invest in good product photography.

These photos are also going to be getting used on the eCommerce website, social media, and Google Ads.


These are a few tips for optimizing your eCommerce product page. We hope all the points mentioned above in the blog help you generate more sales. If not, then we suggest you keep on learning, working, and making modifications to the product pages until you find the best balance that works on your website.

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