AI tools for Image Restoration

AI tools to restore image
AI Image Restoration tools

Photographs are a great way to go down memory lane. Unlike today in the past photographs were not digital and eventually, all the hard copies of photographs we had would fade away with time. Some old photographs also experience cracks, dust specks, damaged edges, discoloration, and more such issues. Restoring these images physically is almost impossible, and one would require to reprint these images from the original negatives.

However, today there are AI photo restoration tools that can help you get all your vintage pictures restored and make them look pristine & new. These AI picture tools can help you save all your photographs & memories associated with them.

Let’s take a look at some AI tools for photo restoration.

Nvidia Image inpainting

If you have damaged photos with blank spots and want to recover them, then this Nvidia tool is what you need. Nvidia Image inpainting is a tool from Nvidia AI playground, which is itself a suit of picture editing software, which assists users to edit images.

Nvidia Image Inpainting

With Image inpainting, you can restore images blank spots, colorize images, and remove people, objects, and disturbances from images. The results produced in these images are great and deliver real results. The only downside is that it automatically crops the image.

Vanced AI old Photo restoration

One more web-based photo restoration tool is from Vanced AI. It is the cleanest and simplest to use photo recovery tool you’d come across on the internet. On Vanced AI you can remove scratches from photos, spots, fractures, and more. The best part is there’s an AI photo enhancer built into the tool so it can automatically portrait enhance & color sharpen your old photos.

Vance AI Image Restoration tool

It is a great tool for beginners, the only downsides are, the free images are limited to 3 & it only supports specific image file formats.


A great alternative for Vanced AI is Hotpot AI. Although Hotpot AI is in beta version right now, oftentimes it generates great results. This tool is also easy to use and requires no learning curve if you’re a beginner.

Hotpot.AI website

This tool can restore color in photos, remove scratches, enhance faces, and also sharpens the images even if the images are monochrome. This photo recovery tool is currently free to use, works on any photo, and does a decent job. The only downside we found out is the max resolution of images is limited to 1200 X 1200 px. Hotpot.AI also has a Photo Restoration API, so that you can add its capabilities to your website.


MyHeritage is one popular website on the internet, where you can discover your origins by sending a DNA sample. But, recently they have also launched their own online AI image restoration tool.

MyHeritage Photo restorer

This photo recovery tool allows colorizing your old monochrome photos of your ancestors. Users and restore up to 10 photos for free, but there’s a paid plan that unlocked unlimited photo restoration. The downside of MyHeritage is that it only colorizes the image nothing else, and it does a below-average job of doing that.

Img Kits

Img Kits is another tool that can get restore damaged photos. Img Kits is not highly popular in the market, but it gets the job done decently. You can use Img Kits for professional use, as they can remove scratches, and dust marks, colorize images, apply different filters on the image, remove background, and more.

Img Kits photo restorations tool

There are two paid plans that you can opt for on Img Kits, one is you can get 10 image tokens for $5, or you can get an $8.99 monthly subscription plan that allows you to restore unlimited photographs. The only downside for Img Kits is that the user interface is not that refined, and sometimes the results are hit or miss.


These are some of the AI photo restoration tools online that can help you restore your memories for decades to come. Some of these tools may not restore photos completely, because these tools are new in the market, but, with time they will get better and better with time. Nevertheless, these AI restoration tools are easy to use and get your images restored instantly, saving you a lot of time & effort.

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