Best PDF Editor Online | PDF Document Editor

Best PDF Editor Online | PDF Document Editor
What is the best PDF editor online?

If you work around a lot with PDF files among your colleagues, clients, or with anyone in the organization. Then once in a while, you’ll come across the need for a PDF file editor. What can make PDF software the best PDF file editor is its ability to allow users not just to edit the text but also allow them to edit images and more.

What makes PDF files different from other document files is that PDF files are portable (in terms of file size), they are secure (Can be password protected), have interactivity, and are easy to find on the internet because of their unique format.
A PDF file can be created by converting a document file or by taking a scanned document, or image file and converting it into PDF format. This wide variety of file formats that can be converted into PDF files is also the reason why it is difficult to edit a PDF document.

This is where we bring you the list of best PDF text editor online that we’ve researched and tried out some of the tools available currently, and we checked out how much flexibility it allows for editing the PDF file.

Best PDF Editor Online

Sejda PDF Online Editor

One name that popped up frequently during our search for a PDF editor online is Sejda PDF Online Editor. This Editor is really powerful & provides a good amount of flexibility.

The software required almost no learning curve and it is pretty easy to get the hang of. It is also available in desktop applications, but I don't think you'll need that, the web app does a fine job of editing PDF documents.

With Sejda it is easy for merging or splitting pages, edit the document, e-signing documents, and more. It's also free to use up to three times a day, and I can usually get tasks done within those three uses.

Sejda PDF Online Editor

The only limitation it has is that you can't edit text for a scanned document that is in the PDF file format. Of course, you can white label it and by using the text tool you can add/replace text in the document.


Formerly known as PDFpro, DocFly is a fierce competitor for Sejda PDF. Just like its competitor it allows for PDF file editing such as adding text in the PDF document, making digital signatures, compressing, splitting, merging, rotating, highlighting text, adding images, extracting pages, and filling out pdf forms and it also allows to lock and unlock PDF documents using password protect.

DocFly File Editor

To keep it short, it is a good alternative to Sejda PDF online editor. But again this PDF editor can edit text from a scanned document that is in a PDF format. Sejda at least lets you make overlay edits on the Scanned document files, but DocFly just straight out denies uploading the document (At least this is what we found in our trials of DocFly)

Small PDF

One of the most recognized tools used by almost everyone who works with PDF is the web-based application called Small PDF. The software may look like the other two PDF editors that we mentioned earlier.

Smallpdf Document Editor

Smallpdf is equally capable of editing PDF files. It allows editing text in PDF files, adding pages to PDF files, adding a digital signature to PDF files, and much more.

It is the most simple tool to use to edit PDF files. Every tool is laid out in small tools that are easy to find and really easy to operate.

Canva PDF Editor

Canva is well-known for its vision to “empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.” and one of its features is PDF Editor. Their PDF editor feature was developed to help users enhance the aesthetic value and engagement of PDF documents and also simplify collaboration. As an alternative, it makes the user's rushed change easier.

Using Canva’s magic, they’ll break your PDF into editable elements so you may transform and modify it like any other design asset. You may also share it easily by creating a link to the file or by compressing it into a JPG, PNG, or PDF file. You can obtain online-shareable, print-ready files from the same dashboard.

All these above-mentioned PDF editors are great at their job, however, one common thing with all the PDF editors online is that they can't make changes to scanned documents that are in PDF file format. And that lacking feature makes all these PDF editors not perfect.

But, don't get disappointed, there is a way you can edit PDF documents that are in scanned format and that is with ImageTranslate.


That's right, ImageTranslate is not just limited to translating images. With a little workaround, you can edit & if required translate scanned documents.

Let's take a look at how you can do it.

Step 1: Convert PDF document to an image file that is PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc.

(If you already have the file in scanned format you can skip this step)

The process to edit PDF documents with ImageTranslate

Step 2: Login / Sign up to and start a new project.

Step 3: Upload the file that needs to be edited. Now here you have to select the language in the document and select any second language.

(This is because ImageTranslate is a translation software, but we are using it for a different purpose)

Step 4: Create a region by dragging the cursor over the text you want to edit. ImageTranslate will detect the text and translate it into the language you selected. But now you have to delete the translated text and add in the text you want to replace it with.

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You can also choose from different fonts, make alignment changes, make the text bold or italic, change text color and also change the size of the text if required.

ImageTranslate Editor

Once satisfied with the changes you can download the file. The file downloaded will be in image format, you simply have to convert it into PDF format. That can be done online with the tool.

That summed up the best PDF editors online. Technology has improved a lot and now, with a combination of tools such as Sejda/DocFly/SamllPDF with Imagetranslate one can simply edit PDF documents with not much effort.

ImageTranslate works on the basis of Image Translation, and it is not limited to translating an image, but it can be used for editing & translating PDF files as well.

You can watch our quick video explaining How to use ImageTranslate.

All the steps mentioned can be used for editing PDF files as well.

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