Are you searching for the best picture translator app or simply the best way to translate text from pictures? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this digital world of the internet where we all are connected with each other, pictures have become a new way of communication. Whether it is social media platforms, eCommerce, online stores, websites, etc. you name it images with text are everywhere. As the internet doesn’t have any physical boundaries, an image can travel around the world. To better connect with people with different languages and cultures it is essential to communicate with their preferred language.
The translation tech evolved a lot and has got better and better, if you’ve ever translated pictures in the past, you might be knowing all the errors it use to make. But things have changed a lot now. Let us check out the best image translators.

Yandex Image Translator

Yandex Image Translator

The Russian search engine has its own translation engine which words on neural translation algorithm. The same translation engine is used for translating the text over the image. Yandex image translator is pretty easy to use, and it has support for 90+ languages.

The user just has to upload the image which needs to be translated to the Yandex image translator page. With the combination of optical character recognition and translation, it can translate the text in the image and recreate it with the same image. However, there are a few cons to this picture translator. The image translator messes up the typesetting of the text while translating the picture, the text is not straight in line, and the position, size of the text is also changed.

DeepL PDF Translator

DeepL Translator

DeepL translation is one of the most reputed machine translation tools online? It is known for its accurate machine translation. DeepL translation is very small compared to its competition is Google translate or Yandex Translator. DeepL only offers 7 languages to translate were else its competitors such as Google, Yandex, or Microsoft translators offer 50+ languages. But the translation accuracy DeepL offers is like no other.

Image Translation process with DeepL

DeepL doesn't have an image translation tool, but you can still translate images by using its PDF documents convertor. After converting a picture from jpg, png, jpeg, etc. to PDF, you’ll have to upload it to DeepL’s document translator.
It too recognizes text in the PDF, translates it, and recreates the pdf to a different language. The limitation here is that you don’t have access to more languages and you also have to again convert the result PDF to image format.

Google Translate

Google Translate

Here comes the most popular and preferred translation system in the world. Google translate absolutely dominates the market with its free translation services. Developed by the company that has mastered the search engine formula and crushes any competition into that aspect. From 2006, Google also started to offer translation services online. The translation engine supports 103 languages.

Google Translate can also translate images. However, the resulting image is not that great. Yes, it has OCR, and a great translation engine that uses neural translation, that keeps on improving itself. But for image translation, you can’t translate it online like DeepL, Yandex, or ImageTranslate. You’ll have to use the Google Translate App and here you can  use the phone’s camera to point at the text which needs to be translated or import the image from phone's storage to translate. With that you can't even download the translated image and save it with the translated text.

The resulting image is shown above, you can see the inpainting is not that great and also ruins the image’s look. That is one of the limitations of google translate for picture translation.


ImageTranslate a Picture Translator

With all the cons mentioned above for the Picture translators, ImageTranslate overcomes all of them. In fact, ImageTranslate is the only online picture translator in the world that allows the user for changing the typesetting of the translated text, change the size of the translated text.

ImageTranslate also has features where the user can change the font of the text, font color, make the text bold or italic and also change the text’s alignment.

With the magic eraser that can erase unwanted things on the image and image in-painting, it recreates the exact same image into a different language.

ImageTranslate Magic Eraser Working flawlessly

Below is an example of the translated image which was translated with ImageTranslate.

ImageTranslate is the only picture translator tool you'll need. You can learn more on How to translate Picture with ImageTranslate or you can also read our other blogs that explain how to use ImageTranslate for Screenshots, Documents, Manuals, comics and etc.


You can watch this quick video explainer How to Translate image in under 30 seconds.

How to Translate Image

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