Best Machine Translation Services in 2022 | Best Machine Translation Engines in 2022

Best Machine Translation Services in 2022 | Best Machine Translation Engines in 2022
Best Machine Translation Services in 2022

Machine translation software has made life a little easier and also helped globalization to pick up the pace faster and to reach almost every possible corner of the world.

Through the years the technology developed, changed, adapted, and improved to get better and better.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a list of machine translation engines that have helped get the world connected.

Google Translate

You absolutely can’t go wrong with finding the most popular machine translation engine. Developed by a company that has domination in internet searches. Google Translate Engine is among the best ones out there. Starting in 2006, Google offered its translation service as a statistical machine translation.

Google Translate

A decade later it got an upgrade with a neural machine translation system. Supported with 103 languages, google translate is infamous for its hilarious inaccuracies. But over time with updates, it has gotten better and better. Now with a better understanding of sentence formation, lingos and localization. Google Translate lets you translate languages with ease.

The best part about google translate is very easy to use and for the average user, it is free to use. For an API, it depends on your needs. Up to 2 Million characters per month are free, but beyond that Google Translate API charges you some amount.


Want to have a translation engine you can rely on with your eyes closed, well DeepL is the answer. In a world where there are machine translation giants like Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, and the Yandex translation engine, DeepL is far smaller compared to them. To give an example, where the other translation engine supports more than 100 languages for translations, DeepL supports 7 languages and only 42 language combinations.

DeepL Translation

This number of languages supported in DeepL is low, but where it excels is the accuracy it offers. DeepL adopts its dictionary and high-quality text. DeepL translation engine catches the tone and nuances of the language and offers a more natural translation. This also means you can’t get a single-world translation on DeepL.

DeepL doesn't have the massive support of all other languages, but what it has in its hands is the card of accuracy with its translation, and that makes it one of the best translation engines out there. The DeepL translation is free, however, for the DeepL pro version the user has to pay some fees, but the pro version also offers an API.

Yandex Translate

Looking for a translation engine for your website? Which can do translation without slowing down your website's loading speed? And how about it has support for 90+ languages as well, Sounds great right? Then you should search for the Yandex Translation engine.

Yandex Translation

This Russian translation engine works on a neural translation algorithm that was integrated in 2019. However, the engine still needs to polish its translation accuracy. But, the great thing is that the Yandex translation has support for Tolkien’s Elvish and Emoji apart from language translations.

Microsoft Translate

With the support of 60+ languages, Microsoft Boast is a machine translation service. Microsoft's Translation supports various software products that are offered by Microsoft, those are Microsoft office, Edge browser, Skype, and also its search engine Bing. Microsoft Translation is easily integrated across platforms, thanks to its open cloud API, which is available as a subscription and free according to the package you select.

Microsoft Translation

This is it, that's our list of best machine translation engines in 2022. These tools will assist you in translating content into some of the world's major langauges. The content can be from your website, blog, or any other file.

But that's all about translating the textual content,

What about Translating Images?

With the rise of digital media, images are also now considered as a mode of communication. Images with text are everywhere and they need to be translated for better communication.

The above-mentioned tool can translate the content on your website, but it can't translate text in the image.

Do you know what can? ImageTranslate can.

ImageTranslate can translate an image and recreate it into different languages with the process of image translation in under 30 seconds.

Check out this quick video, on what ImageTranslate can do.

How to translate a picture

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