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Google Picture Translate Alternatives

In today's digital age, images have become a crucial way of communication. Images are everywhere, from social media posts to online articles and product descriptions. As a result, the ability to translate these images has become a necessity.

Google Image Translate is a useful tool that allows users to translate text that appears in an image by simply uploading the image to the platform. However, there may be times when you want to use a different tool for translating images or need an alternative solution. In this blog, we will explore some of the top alternatives for Google Image Translate and discuss their features and capabilities.

Google Picture Translate Alternatives


This tool is the closest competitor to Google Image Translate and generally is better than it. Google Translate only provides the translation of the text in the image. Where else ImageTranslate not only translates text in the image, it recreates the same image into a different language. ImageTranslate is a great tool that eliminates the need for a dedicated translator & graphic designer to translate an image. ImageTranslate supports 40+ languages & you can translate images in a batch.

ImageTranslate Editor & TypeSetting feature.

Additionally, this image translator has features like typesetting, where you can edit the translated text to add more text or make the translations even more accurate. Plus you can also make changes that are changing the font, color, alignment, size, style, and more.

ImageTranslate is a better alternative to Google Image Translate. Here is a sample of how ImageTranslate works. We translate the picture from English to Spanish language.

Yandex Image Translate.

Another alternative is Yandex Image Translate. Yandex offers its Image Translation on the website and also on its app. To use Yandex image translate you simply have to visit Yandex's website and look for ImageTranslation. Yandex translate supports more than 90 languages. The image translation output from Yandex translate is similar to what ImageTranslate generates. But, Yandex affects the visual element of the image. That is it generally changes the alignment, and font of the text.

Here’s an example of Yandex Image Translation.

DeepL File Translate

Although DeepL Translate provides picture translation only its mobile application. It is very similar to what Google Translate does for Image Translation. You can select the language pair & click or upload an image to the DeepL mobile app, and it provides you with translation.

There’s one more way to translate an image online with DeepL, and that is to convert the image file into a PDF document file and then use the DeepL File Translator to translate it into a different language. (Thought with this work around, DeepL failed to translate the image)

Here’s an example of DeepL Image Translation output.

We’ve already compared these 4 image translation tools in our previous blog Best Picture Translator tools Online. You can check that out to get an in-depth comparison of all 4 image translation tools.

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