How to make money with Dropshipping 2021 | Drop Shipping Explained

A simple guide on how to make money with dropshipping in 2021

How to make money with Dropshipping  2021 | Drop Shipping Explained
How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 2021

One of the great steps towards entrepreneurship could be drop shipping. One can sell products to customers, set product prices, and market your own brand. With Dropshipping one does not have to pay for inventory until the product is sold to an actual customer.

This blog will try and guide you on how to earn money with drop shipping. We’ll touch on what is a drop shipping business, and how to find ideas for drop shipping.

Drop Shipping 

What is Dropshipping Business?

A drop shipping framework is around ‘ run your store, without holding your own inventory. When you make the sale, your supplier will ship the product to your customer's order, directly to their doorstep. You the business owner don’t have to worry about inventory, packaging, and shipping of the products.

Three key players in the Dropshipping business.

Three key players in dropshipping business

The three key players in the drop shipping business model are:

1.Manufacturer / Supplier

A manufacturer’s role in the dropshipping business involves manufacturing, holding inventory, and shipping products to customers on side of a retailer. They sell the manufactured good to the retailer at wholesale price.

2. Retailer

The retailer has to take care of the marketing and sales part. The store owner sells the manufactured goods on the website in your own brand. The retailer is also responsible for shipping costs and fixing up the pricing of the product which will make a profit.

3. Customer

The customer buys the product from the retailer. And if there needs support or assistance for the customer it is provided by the retailer.

Low-Risk Business Model.

When it comes to setting up a startup, one has to invest a lot of money to just build a foundation. However, the drop shipping business brings in a low-risk business model. That makes drop shipping suitable for any age group who wants to become a business owner. There’s no burden of manufacturing, maintenance cost, and other costs such as packaging and shipping. Drop shipping business requires daily work for processing orders. However, much of the order processing steps are automated.

How much you can make from drop shipping?

Let us assume you create a good drop shipping brand, choose the perfect niche you like. Drop shipping can be one of the most profitable business models of all. There are some drop shippers who earn in the north of 100,000, so to conclude this topic we’ll say it depends on how many sales you make and what the defined profit margins for the products you sell in the store.

How to find drop shipping business ideas?

To be a successful full drop shipper the truth is, what you sell matters a lot. We suggest you should take some time and research, and do a lot of it. As they say ‘The sharper the blade, the easier it is to cut’ and the same goes with the drop shipping business. The ground reality is, that the best dropshipping business ideas are usually the profitable ones, and it gets a lot easier if you are also passionate about it.

Coming back to the research part

You have to look into where the demand is, if your product doesn’t have a demand, simply it won’t sell, and you’ll have a hard time making money.

You can use tools like:

Facebook insights

Google Trends

Google Keyword planner

To analyze and choose the perfect niche for yourself.

Competitor Analysis

Once you’re done with researching the niche of products, it’s time to analyze who are the main players in the niche, what they sell, and the market & Sell their products. There are many tools you can use to do the analysis.

Competitor Analysis tools



Similar Web


Find a Supplier

Finding the right supplier is another important step, as you want the products you sell to be of high quality as per the price, the ordering process should be streamlined, packaging and shipping should be quick, and the last point is the price of the product should be reasonable, which make sure you can earn profits out of it.

China is a country that is looked up to as the primary source of good dropshipping product suppliers around the world. You can read about How to find the Best  Dropshipping Supplier from China.

Tools for Drop shipping Supplier:

Building a drop shipping store.
There are many sub-point to this, let us break it down real quick.

Domain name- It matters, especially if you’re creating a long-term brand.

Sign up for Shopify- Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms on the market. With the latest features, resources, tools, and apps added regularly on the platform.

Shopify Themes- Choose a theme for your website which will suit the kind of product you wanna sell. A vintage website won’t go well if you want to sell the latest trending apparel. Thus spend some time choosing from the range of available free themes on Shopify and make sure your website creates its own different look and your brand stands out.

Shopify Theme Store

Marketing your dropshipping store.
This is the most crucial step for your drop shipping business, this step will make sure if your drop shipping business ship will float or sink. You’ll have to go all out with digital marketing channels.

You can choose from a range of Digital Marketing tactics

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Influencer Marketing

Content Marketing


If you’ve made it this far down the blog, we guess you’ve already done the hard work mentioned above. Now it’s time to analyze and see what works and what doesn’t and optimize your website content, marketing campaigns, product pricing, etc., and see what works well for your brand and the audience you target.
And there you have it, we hope this guide has explained to you how to earn money from dropshipping.

And you are all set to start making money from your dropshipping business.

Looking to Expand your Dropshipping Business?

If you are thinking of taking your dropshipping business to an international level, well then the language barrier becomes a major problem.

Yes, you can translate the content of your website into the target language, but what about the text in the images?

In today’s day and age images are the way your brand is going to communicate with the customer.

Creating the same images in different languages and then posting them on different channels needs a lot of effort.

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ImageTranslate is the best tool for translating product images instantly.

How to translate images with image translate

ImageTranslate API is also a seamless way to integrate ImageTranslate technology into your website.

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