How to Edit a Scanned Document | Edit Scanned PDF in 30 Seconds

How to Edit a Scanned Document | Edit Scanned PDF in 30 Seconds
Edit Scanned Document in 1 Minute

So you have a document in a scanned format that you’d like to edit and make changes to it. The usual method to make changes in a scanned document involves scanning the document through optical character recognition software and copying all the text and creating a new document file.

The conventional way to edit scanned Document

This is brilliant if you can afford to create the document again. What about you want to make changes to a scanned certificate? In a document like a certificate, it is crucial that you retain the visual element of the document.

How would you make changes to such scanned document?

When you want to retain the visual element one tends toward photo editing software to make changes in the document. But, editing text in a scanned document this way is a difficult task and requires high-end image editing skills, or you’ll have to go through many tutorial videos on YouTube to get it right.

What if we tell you there’s an easy way to do this task that does not require photoshop skills?

I will just need your 1 minute to edit the scanned documents.

Let’s get it started.

How to Edit a Scanned Document


Visit and sign up / log in with your email address.

Then start a new project and upload the document you want to make a change to.

ImageTranslate is an image translator tool, we’re going to use it for making changes in the document. For that reason, you have to select the source language that is the language used in the document and the target language you can keep it anything you want.

Also, un-check create automatic regions and hit next.

In 30 Seconds the document will be presented to you in the editor.

Edit the scanned document the way you want it

Now here just drag on the text you want to make changes to. It will be translated in the target language, but there use ImageTranslate’s typesetter and add the text you want to in the document.

Adjust the text the way you want, also you can change the font, text color, size & so on.

Once done, download the document file.

Scanned Document edited in 1 min

And there you go, within a minute you get the scanned document with changes being made, and without disturbing the visual elements of it, that is because ImageTanslate utilizes the process of image translation and its features make it versatile to use.

You can Translate PDF files, Translate Scanned Documents with ImageTranslate.You can read more about ImageTranslate's capabilities in ImageTranslate Blogs


You can also watch a quick video about how to edit scanned documents

Edit Scanned Document in 1 minute

Visit: to get started.