A from collects and records a person's information & generates a contact database for the institution. Whether the institution is a government, educational institute, or private organization. A form streamlines and skips the need of having a basic conversation to gain contact details.

When the institute engages with people from different geographical locations that only speak and understand a different language, that is when there's a need to translate forms. In this blog, we’ll help you to translate forms online, and recreate them in a completely different language.

How to translate form

Step 1: To begin with first make sure that the form is in digital format, that is either scanned format or image format that is .JPG, .PNG, .JPEG. If the form is in format of PDF, PPT then you have to convert them into image format. You can use one of online file converter.

Step 2: Login or create a account over ImageTranslate.com with your email ID and click create new project button

Step 3: Upload the form and choose the target language you want the form to be translated to. Also choose the source language, that is the language used in the form.

& Click the button 'Next'

Within 30 seconds the form will be translated to the required language.

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Here's an example of translated form from English to French language.

ImageTranslate can translate form to English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi and 40+ major languages.

The best part is you don't even require a translation service, or any major translation, graphic designing skills to translate form.

ImageTranslate also has few features that enhance the whole translation experience.

The type setting features of image translate enables to make quick edits into the translated text. You add or remove text, change font, its color, font size, the alignment of the text and also make the text bold or italic as per requirement.

ImageTranslate Typesetting, Regions Feature feature

You can also use the tool 'Magic Eraser' to remove any unwanted entity from the form.

The regions feature allows for moving the text anywhere on the form. Change the size of the text.

Once you're satisfied with the translation you can download the form and print it if you want a physical copy or convert it into PDF, PPT format by again using an online file converter.

You can watch our quick video on image translation, within which we have explained the entire process under 1 minute.

Visit: ImageTranslate.com to get started.