Images are all across the internet and reach out beyond borders and every corner of the world. As with every written piece of paper or spoken word need to be translated to communicate better. Text in the image is also needed to translate for better understanding. Text used in product images, product advertisement is necessary to be translated.
This blog is a detailed guide on how to translate an Image online and recreate it in a different language with typesetting. Which helps in saving precious designing time.

Just follow these steps to translate image text online to another language.

Step 1: Head over to and Sign Up/Login to get started with translating picture text.

Step 2: Select ‘New project’ and upload the image with text that needs to be translated.

Step 3: Select the languages. First the source language (Language in which the image actually is), Second the target language (Language in which you want the picture to be translated)

Step 4: Hit next and you have the image translated in the language you want.

Picture translate to English

It takes only 4 easy steps to translate a picture instantly with ImageTranslate

How to make edits in the translated Image.
This feature is what ImageTranslate sets itself apart form other online picture translation tools. A typesetter and editor to verify the translations and make adjustments if required.

Select translated text region for making edits

Select the translated text in the image by selecting the text blocks. Check whether the text is grouped properly, if not then you can increase the text size or reduce it by dragging the text box from the bottom right corner.

Select Translated Text to make changes

The text box can also be moved around by selecting the text box by the top right corner. One can also completely delete the text box if they want from selecting the ‘x’ on the top left of the text box.

To create a new one by dragging the cursor (on the computer) or touch (over a phone/tablet) over the text in the image.

How to delete a text region and create a new one in ImageTranslate

The text box also allows the user to make changes to the translation and add content as per their liking. The user can also select different fonts, font color, text alignment, and text style (make the text bold or italic)

Make edits to the translated text in ImageTranslate

Once you’re happy with how the image looks you can download the image by clicking export in the bottom right corner.

And that’s it now you know how to translate a picture online. The benefit of ImageTranslate is it retains the original look of the image and translates a picture text to a different language.

No need for manual OCR for extraction of text, graphics designing software, or illustrator, and also no need for redesigning the translated image. ImageTranslate is the all in one tool you’ll need.

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