How to Translate Memes | Translate Meme to English or 40+ different languages

How to Translate Memes | Translate Meme to English or 40+ different languages
How to Translate Memes | Best way to Translate a meme

We all enjoy memes, the internet community has adopted memes really quickly, and now it is a big part of the internet. Tons of images with text which are fun to read, and share and can keep us rolling on the floor laughing for hours.

Internet Memes have become a great piece of content to attract an audience on social media platforms. This is why a lot of brands and businesses have social media pages with which they post memes every now and then to improve engagement of the page/website and in turn influence their potential customer to make a purchase or use their services.

To engage audiences from different geographies meme creators can translate the memes to different languages which can generate more engagement

This blog will explain how to translate memes to English or different languages in under 30 seconds.

How to translate memes

Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Sign up / Login to

Sign up/login to ImageTranslate

Step 2: Once signed up / logged in you’ll be presented by the dashboard. On the top left corner click on ‘New Project’. It will create a new project, and then upload the meme which needs to be translated.

Create new project and upload the image which needs to be translated

Step 3: Select the source language and target language. (Here the source language will be the language in which the meme is already in and the target language will be the language in which you want the meme to be translated)

Step 4: Hit ‘Next’ and within a few seconds, the meme will be translated to your desired language.

These are the 4 Easy steps to quickly translate memes. Memes are basically images, and ImageTranslate can translate images into 40+ different languages with the process of Image Translation.

Now here’s the magic of ImageTranslate. Unlike another online picture translator tool, ImageTranslate is different and unique. It not only translates the text in the meme but also allows editing of the translated text in the meme.

ImageTranslate working on a meme

Imagetranslate typesetter also allows for changing the font of the text, font color, change text alignment, size, or the text’s style that is make the text bold or italic as per liking.


You can also watch this quick video to know how to translate a picture.

How to Translate Picture to any language