The translation is the need of the hour as in this globalized digital world you will come across a screenshot, documents, product manuals, images of software Interfaces, product images, or comics that are in different languages and need to be translated to English or any other suitable language.

How to translate picture to English

This blog is a guide on how to translate picture to English. With ImageTranslate one can also edit the translated text in the picture, and recreate the same image into English.

Follow these few simple steps.

Step 1: Go to and signup/Login

Visit: and Sign up/login to get started

Step 2: Start a new translation project by clicking on the “New Project” button and upload the file which needs to be translated.

Click 'New Project' and Upload the image which needs to be translated

Step 3: Select source language and target language. The ‘source language’ is the language in which the picture actually is, and the ‘target language’ will be the language you want to translate words in a picture to. In this case, the target language will be English.

Select Source Language & Target Language to get start with translate picture to English

Step 4: Press the ‘Next’ button and within a few seconds ImageTranslate will translate the picture to English and recreate the exact same image with English text.

Translate words in a picture | An example of Translate picture to English from Spanish

4 easy and quick steps to translate words in a picture in under 30 seconds.

The blog doesn’t end here, in fact, this is the part where things get more interesting. Unlike any other online image translator software which only provides translation of the words in the image, ImageTranslate takes things to the next level.

With ImageTranslate is the only picture translator that can also make edits to the translation. That way one can verify the translation and also make adjustments in the translation.

ImageTranslate Editor for users to edit translated text in Picture 

ImageTranslate’s typesetter not only allows you to edit the translation but also change text font, change text size, change the alignment of text, change font color, make the text bold or italic as required.

ImageTranslate with its typesetter

With 40+ language support ImageTranslate is one of the best translation tool out there
If you think the changes made are not as per your liking you can delete the text box and create a new one by dragging the mouse (By clicking left-click on a computer) or finger (on a touch screen device) over the text that needs to be translated.

How to create new text region to translate picture text

You can get started with any picture with text to translate. It can be Translate Screenshot, Translate Scanned Documents or PDF, Translate Product Images, Translate Product manual, translate comics and also translate CAD Drawings.

This is how simple it is to translate a picture to English. You can also watch a quick video about the same.

Visit: and get started