How to Translate PPT Presentations | Best Way to translate PPT documents

How to Translate PPT Presentations | Best Way to translate PPT documents
Translate PPT Presentation instantly

You’ve been assigned to translate the PowerPoint presentation you just prepared for a foreign audience.

The first thing in your mind is to search over the internet for the Best Way to translate PPT file or PPT presentation translator.

Creating a PowerPoint presentation takes a lot of effort and consumes a lot of time. At some point, we used Microsoft PowerPoint for creating a presentation, and arranging the boxes, texts, and visuals is tire-some. This is when one can think of a PPT translator tool that can translate PPT files in just one click.

Translate PowerPoint

If you've never translated a PPT presentation, let us tell you, it is not that easy, tools such as Google Translate for Documents, only provide you the translation of the text. But on the other hand, it completely messes up the visuals of the presentation. The text & visuals of a PPT is the core of the presentation, as it is essential for a good presentation.

The times have changed, and today we’d like to introduce you to ImageTranslate, a picture translator tool that can also be used to translate PPT documents.

Let’s show you the best way for translating a PPT file instantly.

Just follow these few simple steps.

How to translate a PowerPoint presentation.

Step 1: Convert your PPT document into an image format, i.e. formats such as .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG. You can use any online tool for converting the PowerPoint presentation. Or else you can also click screenshots of the slides.

Step 2 & Step 3 for translating PPT presentation files

Step 2: is the web destination to visit to translate PowerPoint slides.

Step 3: Create new project and upload the slides that need to be translated

Step 3: Sign up / login using the Email ID and click ‘New Project’, & upload the slides all at once for translation.

Step4: Select Languages for translation

Step 4: Select the slide’s language in the ‘Source language’ box and select the language you want to be translated in the ‘Target Language' box.

& Hit the ‘Next’ button.

Within just under 30 Seconds the slides will be translated into the preferred language.

ImageTranslate utilizes the process of Image Translation to translate all the slides into the language you want.

ImageTranslate has support for 40+ languages so you can translate a PPT file into multiple languages.

Here’s an example of a PPT slide translated from English to Spanish.

ImageTranslate detects the text in PPT slides and translates it to the preferred language while retaining and recreating the entire slide in different languages.

You can use the translated images and add them to a new presentation file or you can use a tool that can convert the images into PPT presentations.

Step by Step guide to translating PPT document

Features of ImageTranslate make it the best way to translate PPT documents.

Here are a few highlighting features of ImageTranslate that make your life easier.


Typesetting in ImageTranslate

This tool allows the user to make changes to the translated text. It is also capable of changing the font of the translated text, changing font color, and font size, making the text italic or bold, and the alignment of the text as per requirement.


Regions from ImageTranslate in action

This is a feature where you can select the text that has been translated and move and place it anywhere in the image. It is also used for changing the size of the text. The text region can be deleted by clicking ‘x’ on the top left corner of the region box. And they can be created by simply dragging over the text required to be translated.

Magic Eraser:

Magic Eraser from ImageTranslate in action

If you want to remove any unwanted entity from the slide, you can use the magic eraser to remove it.

And that concludes our guide on How to translate a whole PPT in just one click. Whether you want to translate PPT for personal or business use, ImageTranslate serves as the best option to translate PowerPoint documents.

You can watch our quick video on how to translate an image, as the steps for it are pretty similar.

You can also translate PDF Files, Translate Scanned Documents, & Translate Infographics with ImageTranslate.

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