Images people translated in 2018, across the world

Internet is full of images with text. And a lot of times people want to translate them to a different language for various purposes. Explore some of the use cases with imgtranslate.

Images people translated in 2018, across the world

It's always exciting to see how many varied use cases are possible for any product. And even more exciting to see how your users play around when you put a product in their hands to try out.

We launched imgtranslate in August 2018.

We kept it free for anybody to try and translate any images they want to. We had certain use cases in mind which we wanted to target, but we hadn't yet given any examples on our website apart from few creatives in the showcase, and we aimed to just solve that first.

But, our users have been surprising us ever since!

So, here are few examples that our first 500 users explored with imgtranslate, the easiest and the quickest tool to translate images, in past 5 months.

Disclaimer: The translations in all the below samples are machine translations, or edited by our users. They may not always be correct.

1. Memes

2. Infographics

3. Screenshots

Sometimes you receive a message in a foreign language you don't understand, or some chat screenshots for that matter!

4. Ads

Advertisement is always about reaching out to a wide and targeted audience. What's better than reaching in the language that goes straight to their heart? Some of our users are doing marketing right!

5. Comics

This has been the most common usage that we have seen on imgtranslate. People enjoy reading manga and other comics by converting them from Chinese to English, English to Arabic, English to Spanish, Japanese to English. And they are reading a whole lot of them!

6. Scanned Documents

A lot of students are using imgtranslate to understand their study material better. And some teachers converting presentations.

7. Creatives

It can be anything, a poster with a powerful message, a nice quote with an elegant background, a banner for branding.

8. User Manuals

This has also been a big use case for translation of imagery in the days of global commerce. Anyone can buy products from any country or region, but has to understand it's functionality as well. And Hence User manuals have to be translated with reference images and layout intact.

These are just few of them and it's just the beginning while we gear up for more users to challenge us, and discover more and more uses. If you too have some images, but don't know how to translate them, follow this guide.

And as we are entering 2019 with more use cases and fresh thoughts, we are coming up with a lot more simple and easy to use editor really soon. Stay tuned and signup to get notified!

Happy New Year!