Do you hold possessions of pictures that have unwanted text or graphics? Makes you no longer use the image. Or you found an amazing image on the internet that you’d like to use in one of your blogs, videos, articles, etc. but the image has a watermark, date stamps.

When someone thinks about how to remove text from a picture the first thing that comes up in their mind is Photoshop. Although Photoshop is a powerful software with a ton of features, it is a pretty complex one to use & requires a deeper understanding of its functionalities for a simple task to erase text from image.

The task to remove text image without removing background might seem simple, but it is pretty complex and requires a powerful tool to carry out. But powerful tools need not be complex to use.

Now you can remove text from image in a *snap*

Remove text from image with a snap

Yes, you read that right. Now you can erase unwanted text, graphics of an image instantly with ImageTranslate. Despite the fact that ImageTranslate is used for picture translation, it has an ace up its sleeve which can be used to remove text from photo.


Let us show you how to erase text from image in simple steps.

Steps to remove text from image online

Step 1: Head over to and login/sign up with your email-id.

Head on to

Step 2: Select ‘New Project’ and upload the picture from which text has to be removed.

Create New Project by clicking 'New Project'

Step 3: This step is usually where you have to select source & target language, but since we are not translating text in this picture, you can select any two languages randomly.

Select any language randomly as we are not translating the image to different language, but we are going to remove the text from picture

And untick ‘Create Regions Automatically’ so that the image is not automatically translated into different language.

Un-tick, Create regions automatically

And now Hit ‘Next’

In under 30 seconds the image will be represented to you in the editor.

Picture in the ImageTranslate editor

Step 4: Now switch on the ‘Magic Eraser’ from lower right corner of the editor.

Once turned ‘on’ select the text, graphic which needs to be removed from the picture. To select just drag the mouse over with left click. You can also select multiple entities at a time.

As you’re done with selecting the text, hit ‘Erase’ on the lower left corner of the editor. In 10 seconds the selected entities will be removed from the image. & you’ll be represented with a clean image.

ImageTranslate’ s magic eraser is a powerful tool in arsenal that can remove almost any unwanted text or graphic from image without changing the background.

You can now simply download this image and use it wherever you want.
See how simple it was to remove text from picture. It removing text from image takes less than a minute with ImageTranslate and the results it provides is epic, similar to what you get from photoshop. But ImageTranslate is easy to handle and does not require any special skills to operate.

Visit: & get started with removing text in image