Multilingual DTP is no more a headache!

Multilingual DTP is no more a headache!

What do you do when you get a well designed image ad or a brochure and you want it translated it in different languages?

Do you think of multilingual DTP?


That complex process involving multiple steps comes to mind? Photoshop, Illustrator, more editing tools, translators, graphic designers, and a whole lot of coordination and project management?

How much time is spent in:

  • Receiving the infographics or creatives and preparing them?
  • Extracting text?
  • Getting the text translated by translators? And
  • Sending them again to the DTP team or designers to put it back and generate a new image/creative? Phew!

It's time to bring some technological advancement to this age-old process. And No, I'm not saying Technology can do it all.

While NMT is doing it's magic in helping translators and saving a lot of their time, we understand that we can't do it without humans. Especially in the case of creatives, advertisements and presentations with fancy language.

So, what advancements are we bringing in here?

We want to take the load off the graphic designers of editing and re-creating images in different languages over and over again. We want to reduce the load on a translation project manager in an LSP who typically handles such requests and juggles between translators and designers.

While the world is still on a path to getting perfect translations for creative marketing lingo, we take one juggle off the project manager's hand. The designer's part.

ImageTranslate editor - simple, effective and fast

Instead we replace it with an editor to indicate what text to translate and apply formatting for the final image to look as close to the source image. Leave the rest to our new graphic designer, the ImageTranslate tool. The text extraction, the erasing of source text, placing the translated text back in the correct font, style, position. You will never need design experts to re-create an image, brochure or a pdf in another language.

This is the advancement we bring in.

The process is much simpler and quicker. Merely a few mouse clicks and a human to check off on the translation. Check out these instructions to a simpler way to translate an image.

Like I said it's not all automated purely by AI, but intelligent guesses about text properties and image editing are taken care by trained networks. We aim to continuously improve our tech in the background by adding a lot more data and scenarios and make the final number of mouse clicks minimal in the future.

Translation is not what we are offering!

To reiterate, we don't touch translation. We only aid it with Google MT. And the verification is best done by competent translators or LSPs, basically humans.

Rethink Multilingual DTP!

Let's leverage the full potential of all those beautiful images, infographics and creatives hand-crafted by designers using their precious time by spreading them in various languages. Creativity is priceless, let's save some of their time to provide more artwork to the World. And let's not spend more time redoing the same tasks just to switch a language or replace the text. Let's leave that to machines.

See you at ImageTranslate!