Slator writes about ImageTranslate!

ImageTranslate got covered in the latest article by Slator, the language industry news experts

Slator writes about ImageTranslate!

Slator, for the uninitiated, is an authoritative online destination for news, events and people related to the language industry. It is an exciting development indeed to be featured on Slator.

Thanks to Gino and Esther at Slator, ImageTranslate got covered in their latest article about new language industry startups!

If you are a SlatorPro member, you can go through the article on their website. It also talks about other exciting startups in this space.
For the broader audience, below are some answers to questions Gino had for us.

Very briefly, what’s the company’s origin story?

ImageTranslate was born out of a need to solve our own problems at our previous company. Requests to translate images take many hours to create and deliver them. Project managers, graphic designers and translators have to coordinate with each other and use 3-4 different tools to get it done. We were determined to find a simpler and elegant solution which came to be ImageTranslate.

What’s your elevator pitch?

Images are everywhere. From web to social media to magazines.We build technology that enables agencies and translators to translate them efficiently and at scale. Start to finish in 30 seconds. (the same time it takes for an elevator pitch!)

Where do you see an opportunity for you to build a sustainable business and grow in the hyper-competitive language services and technology industry?

We want to begin with the niche that is 'Simplified DTP tool for freelance translators'. The fact that people use our tool everyday is good proof that it is helping them. Once we make it better and have momentum, we want to move into a larger market of marketers and advertisers. Our wildest ambitions lie in eventually creating a global multilingual ad exchange that can process thousands of pictures/videos at scale efficiently and accurately.

For the full Q&A, head over to Slator to know more!