Spawning a clone!

There's somebody who seems to be copying what we're doing. Read on!

Spawning a clone!

A couple of days ago, we noticed something while looking around forums related to Manga. There seemed to be a new product, IMGTranslation, that was strikingly similar to ImageTranslate.

There are couple of interesting things about this:

The name

The name IMGTranslation is very similar to the name we used earlier: IMGTranslate.

The blog

The blog post they wrote has many phrases that are exactly similar to ours.

ImageTranslate: The machine tries to make its best guess for the size, position and alignment of the translated text.
IMGTranslation: The machine tries to make its best guess for the original text and the translation.
ImageTranslate: Make the final edits, and click Export Image. And Done!
IMGTranslation: Make the final edits, and click Download. And Done!


They seem to be engaging the same threads on Quora that we do. Here, here, here and here.

Truth be told, they did explore some adjacent ideas, even before we did. Under the name of But it does not go unnoticed that they piggybacked heavily on the promotion we did for our brand!

No complaints here actually.
We're just amused that we managed to spawn a clone.
Welcome to the field. :)