The 5 Best Shopping Cart Software in 2022

The 5 Best Shopping Cart Software in 2022
5 Best Shopping Cart Software

For a seamless shopping experience on an eCommerce site, it is essential that all the shopping components provide a top-notch experience to the customer. The components of such eCommerce websites are the Home page, Product page, Shopping cart, Payment system, and so on.

The best shopping cart software unlocks top of the line experience for customers in online retail, enabling them to list down products and quickly move them to the checkout process.

What is eCommerce shopping cart software?

A shopping cart software creates a virtual shopping cart on your eCommerce website. Just like a physical shopping cart that you get in a physical shopping mall one can add or remove products from the car until they decide to make a purchase of the products they have added to the cart.

When the customer decided to check out the products, the shopping car software will provide a safe gateway for the customer toward the payment system. And when the product is purchased by the customer the online shopping cart software will send a notification to the seller about the purchase. The seller can then start packaging ad initiate shipping of the product to the customer.

Now you know what shopping cart software is and what it does let's take a look at

The top 5 best shopping cart software in 2022.

List of Best Shopping Cart Software for 2022

  1. Shopify
  2. Magento
  3. ECwid
  4. WooCommerce
  5. 3D Cart

Number 1. Shopify
When we are talking about eCommerce there’s no way of getting away with the name Shopify. Widely recognized as one of the best platforms for dropshipping Shopify also has shopping cart software.

The Shopify shopping cart software has its own payment system that accepts all major credit & debit cards. Although if you have your own different payment system then Shopify can work perfectly with it as well. The software also has a fast checkout system with Shopify pay and Apple pay.


The strength of Shopify is that it does not require coding skills and it is easy to integrate with your eCommerce website. At the time of writing this blog, the limitation of Shopify is that it is only limited USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Puerto Rico. The basic plan of Shopify allows adding unlimited products but the staff accounts are limited to two users.

Number 2. Magento / Adobe Commerce
Looking for open source and free shopping cart software then your search ends here with Magento. It is rated as the best free virtual cart software. The benefit of being open source is that it allows for infinite customizations and it can be integrated well with your store. Currently, it is used by eCommerce stores of major brands such as Nike, Ford, and 250K+ online merchants.


Magento is now owned by adobe, but still, it remains open source and free to use. One more benefit of Magento is that it can be hosted on your own server which takes away the dependency on relying 3rd part servers.

The limitation here is that you’ll need to have coding skills to implement Magento perfectly on your eCommerce website. For installation, customization, operation, and maintenance, you’ll require advanced coding skills to keep the shopping cart system running smoothly. Although Magneto may seem a cheap option then you’ll probably also need to hire web developers to keep it afloat.

Number 3. ECwid
Want to try out shopping cart software before making a purchase? Then ECwid is a great option to go with. ECwid promises to be the easiest virtual cart software that can be implemented as easily as adding a video/image to your website.


ECwid offers a free tier that lets you host 10 products on the platform. The software accepts payment for 40+ different payment merchants & supports 40+ different languages. ECwid is a popular software, it is recognized that it is used by more than a million users worldwide. And it can integrate perfectly with WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, and Weebly.

ECwid should be on your list for shopping cart software.

Number 4. WooCommerce
This is the most versatile software on the list. WooCommerce integrates well with WordPress and it is easy to install as well. The best part is you can have add-ons from the WooCommerce store and also from third-party websites that can enhance the capabilities of the virtual cart software for your website.


The only limitation we can find with WooCommerce is it becomes difficult to operate. Over time you have so many plugins for each and every function on your website. And managing them becomes difficult. You’ll also have to buy the plugins or subscribe to their services. The cost of the plugin is tens of dollars so they are not very expensive as an individual plugin.

Supports major payment merchants and also has the versatility to add marketing, and store management plugins, so it becomes a one-stop shop for your business from where you can handle everything.
P.S: WooCommerce only supports to WordPress platform.

Number 5. 3D cart
3Dcart is a shopping cart solution from the shift 4 shop eCommerce platform. 3Dcart is recognized as a software that has most bundle features than any of its competition. Over the internet, it is reviewed as the most reliable software as well. The solution allows a free trial that offers to try out all the key features.


The 3D cart also comes with marketing capabilities that are based on search engine optimization. It is a plug-and-play software that requires no coding skills and the interface of this software is easy to understand and simple to get used to. Unlike WooCommerce 3d cart has extensive integrations with Amazon, eBay, Dropshipping platforms, and Quickbooks, and has an order management facility as well.

That concludes our list of The top Shopping Cart Software. We hope this article helps you in choosing the best virtual cart software that fits your needs. The web contains a variety of shopping cart software some of them are plug and play, some provide hosting of their own and some require coding skills and can be hosted on your own server.

Overall a good shopping cart software has the strength of breaking or making the shopping experience on your website and it is an important component that you can’t miss out on.

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