ImageBoards are very similar to bulletin boards, they are used for discussing a variety of different topics. However, the main focus of imageboards is the use of pictures as a means of communication.
ImageBoards can be a good place where manga enthusiasts can have discussions about their favorite manga's chapters, stories, sketches, or characters. If you are new to the manga world, it is pretty sure you’ve not much heard about the ImageBoards on the internet. As there’s not much information about the imageboard, we thought of making one.

Top 5 Manga ImageBoard Websites

5. 2 Chan

To start off with the basics and get a grip of what ImageBorad (Chan) websites actually are the 2Chan website is a perfect example of it. 2Chan is a very basic bare bone website, that was first started off as a Japanese text board. Anonymous posting on the website gained popularity in Japan and then it become the very foundation of websites like 4chan which is an English counterpart and gained world recognition.

2Chan Website

4. 420Chan

On the 420chan one can discuss the care and use of almost anything from concentrate tanks, dry herbs, cooking, food, recipes, government laws & legislation, or medical studies. That’s how vast 420Chan is. You’ll have to register on this site before you can start posting. 420Chan receives more than 10,0000 comments and posts every day.

420Chan Website

3. AllChan

How about a directory of all the Chan websites? Guess what your wish has come true. AllChan proceeds a directory list of all Chan websites which are similar to 4chan that believes in free speech. One can find videos, news, and pictures on AllChan. You’ll be surprised to find many new Chan (ImageBoard) websites over AllChan. One can search a topic-specific Chan website on AllChan.

AllChan Website

2. 8Chan  / 8Kun

Want to create your own boards on any topic for a variety of topics of discussion, a sort of concept on which Reddit works. But unlike Reddit where there’s a lot of restrictions on posting things over its subreddits, 8chan has no restrictions over it. 8chan gets more than 400,000 comments and posts per week. One can never run out of ideas and content on this channel.

8Chan / 8Kun Website

1. 4chan

The number 1 on our list has to be the ImageBoards website that is 4Chan. It is an English imageboard based on the Factaba channel that is a Japanese imageboard. The imageboard is popular for wide topics related to anime, politics, popular culture, and sports. 4Chan has been in controversy in the past for all the wrong reasons, but needless to say, it is still the best ImageBoard website in our list for anime &  manga enthusiasts.

4Chan Website

This sums up the Top 5 Chan Websites or Top 5 Imageboard websites, which are great places for discussion and sharing content.

Are you an avid manga reader and want to explore more mangas that are in Japanese and are not translated to English yet? And the manual translation of manga consumes a lot of time, especially when there are a lot of dialog boxes on one manga board.

ImageTranslate is here for you to help. ImageTranslate lets you translate the text in the image and recreate the same image into a different language. That means you can translate a manga from Japanese to English without much editing and disturbing the sketch.

Here’s a simple video explaining how to translate manga with ImageTranslate

One great advantage ImageTranslate has compared to any other translation app or manual translation process is the ability to edit the translated text. Yes, ImageTranslate’s typesetter lets you edit the translated text and change it into anything you want. You can also choose the font, text color, text alignment, make the text bold or italic.

ImageTranslate Typesetter

ImageTranslate is one perfect tool that all manga readers should have.

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