Top 5 Manga for July 2022

Top 5 Manga for July 2022
Trending Manga Comics in July 2022

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Hello, manga fans! We’ve reached the mid-point of the year 2022 already. This means it is time to take a look back on the existing year and compile a list of the best manga comics in 2022. There have been a lot of new and old comics that we have compiled for you in this blog, and they range from action, thriller, and romance, and we’ve also added a  bonus manga that is going to launch in the month of July that will most likely bring chills to your body.

Without further ado let’s take a look at:

Number 5. Monologue: Woven for you

Before we go on all the thrillers and action manga, let’s start off slow. The best way to spend time in the month of July is to have hot coffee and read some romantic comics sitting on your favorite chair near a window.

One Trending manga right now is ‘Monologue: Woven for you’. The manga was first published on 8th February 2022 and since then it has gained a good amount of traction around the world.

Monologue: Woven for you

The story of this manga revolves around two college students that have shared dreams but opposite paths. And when they collide will their life’s ambition bring them closer or put them apart? This manga includes a lot of cute moments where it will also make the reader blush.
Overall a good comic to read that is new and has a fresh feeling. If you’re into romantic manga comics then give this comic a shot this monsoon.

Number 4. A Man and His Cat

Do you love cats? Then this manga is here to win your heart. ‘A man and his Cat’ is a manga all about how a man named Mr. Kanda beats loneliness with help of his furry friend. Mr. Kanada then comes out of his lonely shell and drowns himself in this world. From here on it is all about how he touches & changes the lives around him.

A man and his cat

This manga is wholesome, and every page is full of emotions and makes you feel delighted. The reason it is on the list is because of how sweet and heart-warming the manga.

Number 3. Shadows House

An anime that is making its way into the world of Manga. Of course, shadow house has gained popularity due to its sudden shift in pace and tone. The shadows house is a story about a mansion that is strange and receives no callers & is inhabited by faceless shadows. Spooky, right?

Shadows House

The shadows play the role of being aristocratic (Ruling Class) characters.
What makes the storyline interesting is the tale that goes on inside the mansion and the slow unveiling of the dark secrets in the mansion. PS: Writing this article the manga is not out yet. The release date for it was on the 12th of July 2022, the manga will be soon available in digital and paper format.

You can also read this manga on the 5 best scanlation websites as well.

Number 2. Chainsaw Man

Stepping up on the beat of action & rage the number 2 on our list is the chainsaw man manga. If you are a nerd for reading manga comics then you might know about chainsaw man already. The manga was first published on October 6th, 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic.

Chainsaw Man

Now Chainsaw Man part 2 is about to get released in the market and the hype for the manga is real and growing. If you haven't read the first part, then it is the right time to read the first part and get yourself ready for part 2.

The story revolves around the protagonist of the manga named Denji who is stuck in debt after his father's death. Denji has no way to pay back the depth he has on him, but that's with the help of his devil dog he gains the powers and works as a Devil Hunter for the Japanese mafia. The storyline picks up from here and then builds on amazingly from here on.

One thing you should keep in mind is, that this manga contains a lot of brutal action and dark complex characters that also have a goofy side.  So if you are a child or are sensitive, then we recommend looking elsewhere.

Number 1. Death Note Short Stories

There’s one storyline that has enticed us a lot Death Note. Whether you are a new reader or a veteran in this world of manga or anime, Death Note is close to everyone’s heart and there’s a reason why it is considered among the top 5 best manga of all time. The Death Note Short Stories is an extension of the original Death Note universe.

Death Note Short Stories

The short series contains more details about the L’s past and also about other characters who get the chance to grab their hands on the notebook. What got me interested in the short stories is a specific chapter about L’s whammy’s house. I’m keen to know what happens in that house and what sort of training is given to the upcoming best detectives in the world.

Death Note Short Stories was released on May 8th, 2022 and it is available in all the stores as of now.


Here’s a bonus manga that has got us excited even before it is released. ‘Liminal Zone’ is an upcoming manga that is written by Junji who is considered the most renowned horror manga creator in the existence. It is said that the manga features new and terrifying stories that include a couple exploring Japan’s suicide forest and much more.

Liminal Zone

The manga will be hitting the markets on the 26th of July 2022 and by reading the context it seems this one will surely bring chilies to the reader.

That is, concludes our list of the 5 best manga comics for the month of July. Sure your top 5 best manga for the 2022 list may be different than ours. For people who are looking for a reference point on the best July manga then this blog will surely help you out.

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