Top B2B websites in South America | List of Top Latin America B2B Platforms

Top B2B websites in South America | List of Top Latin America B2B Platforms
Top 5 B2B platforms in Latin America.

Latin America is a distinct group of twenty countries. They range from substantially well-developed countries like Mexico & Brazil to some of the world’s unstable countries like Venezuela & Haiti.

Regardless of this diversity, it is also one of the biggest emerging markets in the world. The Latin American region is rapidly accepting the latest technologies and online platforms for making purchases.

If you’re looking to expand your business in the Latin American region or you’re a buyer that wants to import goods from different regions in Latin America, then a marketplace is an important space to come in contact with the right audience. This is why B2B websites in the Latin American region are the right space that has the potential to assist you with expanding your business.

In this article, we bring you the list of the best B2B platforms in South America that can help your business expand.

List of Top B2B websites in South America.

Number 1.

This Mexico City-based website is the biggest emerging B2B website in Latin America. It also is called the Alibaba equivalent in South America. has raised $17 million and has an expanding the list of local & foreign suppliers. For SMEs, it can be a great platform to acquire products from Asia and around the world in the most efficient manner.

If you are looking for a B2B platform in Mexico should be your first choice to with.

Number 2. Zax

Keeping an SMB afloat requires a lot of effort, one involves log trips to marketplaces to find new products. In regions that are not developed in Latin America, keeping the business running is just much more difficult. To solve this problem, one thing you can make use of is a wholesale marketplace on the internet.

This is what Zax can help you with. sets to target the B2B marketplace in the South American wholesale sector. In October 2021 raised capital of $6 million to stretch its roots in South America. Zax is a simple-to-use platform that is free to use, you’ll just have to sign up with your email ID. The products range from clothes, accessories, makeup, cosmetics, technology, shoes, pets, and home product.

Number 3. EC21

EC21 is a renowned B2B website in the American continent & around the world offering a wide range of goods. EC21 has the potential to meet the needs of business organizations that are looking forward to B2B trading. EC21 offers a host of features that makes the user experience easier for sellers and buyers. One feature that can highlight most on EC21 is the buyer central, which allows its buyers to have ease in finding the products.

Number 4 Seebiz

SeeBiz is a marketplace and business networking platform that has been emerging in the USA. This is a place where you can interact with different types of businesses such as distributors, wholesalers, retailers, or manufacturers. SeeBiz offers 650K+ products from 1000+ verified sellers from 10 major industries. This is a great place for people that are looking for locally based manufacturers, and vendors.
SeeBiz opts to build a wholesale ecosystem where they can conduct B2B transactions with less & less hassle.

Number 5 ECVV

Looking for a combination of marketing, sales, and logistics elements to keep your SMB up and running smoothly, then ECVV is the website that you should check out. This B2B platform can be utilized by businesses to get in touch with local and international markets that are full of potential. This B2B platform is pretty reliable to purchase from.

There’s a list of B2B platforms in Latin America that can help you expand the business even if you're a big company or have a small & medium enterprise.

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