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How to translate display ad
How to translate display ad

Localized ads are essential for brands to better engage with customers. As globalization is increasing, brands are reaching out to customers in every corner of the world, by using different channels such as blogs, google display ads, search ads, social media paid advertisements, and more. It is essential that ads are localized into the local vernacular so that the brand's message is clear and easy to understand. Digital Display ads that use images, graphics, and text provide extra information about the brand and product, assisting customers in making a purchase decision.

Mostly, ad managers use tools like google ads translate or google campaign translator to localize the textual ad copy. But often, image translation is neglected for Google display ads. This is obvious because translating ad copy with automatic tools is easy, but translating an ad image or ad banner is difficult & time-consuming, especially when the graphic & translation team needs to create multiple images in multiple languages.

You can stand out from the crowd by deploying translated ads in your display ad campaigns, and they will definitely increase ad clicks and conversions. Only if there was a tool that can get your display ads translated instantly, well there is now, and it's called ImageTranslate.

In this article, we’ll check out

How to translate ads in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Visit and create an account to begin using the tool.

Head over to & sign up

Step 2: To begin the ad translation, select “Create new project” & upload the ad banner

Create a new project & Upload the picture

Step 3: Select the language used in the image in the “source language” & language in which the image needs to translate into “Target Langauge”

Choose Source Language and Target language

Once the language is selected click “Next

Ads that need to be translated can be done so quickly and easily without the need for an advertising agency or any graphic design skills.

Ad translation is simple with ImageTranslate

ImageTranslate is the only tool you need to translate pictures! It can quickly and easily translate the text in any picture, and also provides additional features to help you check the translation for accuracy. Additionally, you can also translate images in batches simultaneously in 40+ different languages. With ImageTranslate, there's no need to worry about language barriers anymore - just upload a photo and let the app do its magic!

Here's an example of SEMrush's display ad translation, notice how ImageTranslate can recreate the same ad in a different language.

Display ad translated from English to Spanish

One more unique feature of ImageTranslate is the typesetting feature. With it, you can make changes to the text to better suit your needs. You can change the size and font of the text, make it bold or italic, and even change the alignment. Plus, you can edit the translation itself to get exactly the results you want.

ImageTranslate's typesetting feature

Bottom Line

If you are a brand or a merchant who is or wants to expand their business in different markets then translating ads is the least you can do that will definitely help you improve sales. There are more benefits of translating advisement such as.

Improved personalization for the customer.
Increase international competitiveness.
Improve customer experience.
& improved conversions.

Visit: and try out ad translation for free