Taking up screenshot over you phone or computer have become one of the mainstream ways of communicating.

Screenshots can be of wide things:

-It maybe be a conversation between two people or

-Can be a product which you find interesting but all the labels around it are in a different language that you can’t understand.

Screenshot of User Interface Guide in Chinese

-Screenshots are also used for guiding, demonstrating how to perform certain tasks on a device.

-Furthermore, it also helps us to collaborate with other co-workers who might be needing your input on a webpage or on a design of the user interface.

Additionally, screenshots also help us to show exactly what is happening on the screen. The language barrier is a tough one to tackle when coordinating with overseas team members.

Well, now you can tackle this problem in one go. We have got you just what you need an image language translator but with more additional benefits.

How to Translate Screenshot?

To translate image on screen it becomes a challenging task as different devices, websites have different user interfaces which make Optical Character Recognition work hard for recognizing text. But ImageTranslate has enough power to pull this one off without breaking a sweat that too in less than 30 secs, with just 3 easy steps for translating screenshots.

Step 1: Sign up and Upload

To begin with sign up and create an account over ImageTranslate. After which upload the picture to translate text from image.

Sign up and Upload the image

Step 2: Choose Languages

This step is quite easy, just select the language and the target language in which you want to translate in photo.  You can not only translate Chinese image to English but also have the choice to choose from translating  40+ different languages.

Step 3: Translate Text from Picture

After step two when you hit next, it will take less than 30 seconds to translate image. After the process is done, ImageTranslate’s OCR creates regions automatically and translates text from screenshot. However, you can also manually assign the region over the text and choose to adjust its size, edit the text, change font style, and make the translated text bold or italic.
And that’s done, see how easy it was to translate screenshot easily without the need for complex tools.

Select the region which needs translation

Few extra benefits of ImageTranslate.

Talking about User Interface ever wondered how the UI will look like with a different language over it? Well, now you can try it out with ImageTranslate, it helps you translate the text of photos without disturbing the original look and feel of it. This is possible with the inpainting it helps you to translate image online with preserving their original look.

That's it now you know how to translate screenshots instantly with using picture translate tool that is ImageTranslate

You can watch a quick video explaining screenshot translation

Translate Screenshots instantly

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In conclusion, Translating Screenshot has never gotten this easy. It allows a lot of UI designers to make use of it, and also for people who want to translate product labels from one language to other for communicating with the target audience in their local language.

Visit: ImageTranslate.com to get started with translating screenshots