Write to the top folks

When you're writing an email to a company, you can try to find somebody like managers, division-heads... or you can write to the founders, CEOs and directors.

What I've observed often is that the top most people respond.
Even if they have no time.
Even if their inboxes are flooding.
Even if you are insignificant to them.

I do not know why. Maybe it is empathy, maybe it is enthusiasm or maybe it feels like giving back to the community. These people are your ace-cards. So don't shy away from writing to them.

Just don't write a careless mail. Do you homework. Ask the right questions. Keep it  short. Be genuine and don't waste their time. And you'll be surprised to know how helpful they are.

This is not to say that there aren't more zealous folks at companies. But if you're going to bet, bet it on the top-most people.