Yandex Image Translate vs ImageTranslate

Yandex Image Translate vs ImageTranslate
Yandex Image Translate Vs ImageTranslate. What is the best tool for Image Translation is a Russian search engine platform equivalent to Google in the USA. Besides being a search engine also has a similar competitive offering as Google. One of the offerings is Yandex Translate which is a straight-on competition with Google Translate. Although Google Translate is at the very top of the pyramid, Yandex is not so behind being only 2nd to it.

Yandex Translate for Images

Since its first offering in 2011, Yandex translate has improved a lot and its neural engine used in the background of machine translation is considered one of the best in line of translations. Yandex also offers picture translation that is based on the web and not limited to apps like Google Picture translate which is only available on the mobile app. The Yandex picture translate can translate image text and recreate the same image in a different language.

ImageTranslate vs Yandex Picture Translate

Yandex Image Translate is one more way to translate images other than Google Picture Translate and ImageTranslate. And it lands on similar lines to ImageTranslate’s picture translation.

Let’s compare Yandex photo translate with ImageTranslate and check out the best way to translate an Image. Recently we also compared Google Image Translate Vs ImageTranslate and we’ll also add in that comparison result to get a clear picture.

Image Translation Similarities.

Just as we mentioned earlier, Yandex Image Translate is not limited to a mobile app like Google picture Translate, it is available on the web. That makes it accessible to everyone who is connected to the internet.

To translate a text on Yandex, one simply has to upload an image with text and select the language pair.

The result is generated within seconds and the text in the uploaded image is translated to another language and the image is recreated. And it also allows the user to download the translated image, which makes the picture translation process very similar to ImageTranslate as both the picture translation tools utilize the process of Image Translation

ImageTranslate Translation

Yandex image translate does a great effort in retaining the image’s visual elements and overall does an acceptable job in it.

Comparing the result with ImageTranslate’s translation, then it appears Yandex Translate makes some mistakes in the alignment of the text and also disturbs the font and the position of the text.

Google Picture Translate for Comparison

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Editing the Images after Translation.

Automatic machine translation of images often is not accurate and at times requires a little editing to make the translation more acquire. Yandex picture translate doesn't allow the user to make changes to the translated text in the image.

Yandex Image Translate editor

The translated image is fixed as is and there’s no option to change the font, size, alignment, positioning, font color, or make the font bold or italic.

All these above-mentioned things are possible to do in ImageTranslate. Which makes ImageTranslate a tool more flexible and enables the user to make changes as per their choice and take out the need for a graphic designer.

ImageTranslate Editor with Type-Setting 

More than editing translations.

Once only available on a high-end picture editing software, in ImageTranslate you can use a magic eraser to remove any unwanted object from the image.

Magic of The Magic Eraser

And of course, you the typesetting to recreate the image as it was in the original language.

Translate in Batches.

When you are dealing with a lot of images, then it becomes critical to translate the images in bulk. Say if you want to translate documents, advertisements, infographics, product manuals, product images, or much more…(Read: What Can you Translate) in bulk and in different languages in one click then this feature comes in real handy.

On Yandex Translate you can only translate one image at a time. But on ImageTranslate you can translate multiple images in bulk in 40+ different languages.


Yandex Image Translate tool is surely better at translating images when you compare it with Google image translate, which only provides translation of the text and not the image itself. Also, Google Translate does not allow the user to download the translated picture. This is where Yandex image translate steps itself up compared to Google picture Translate.

That positions Yandex Image Translate in the center of the spectrum of the picture translation tool where at the one end there is Google Translate and on the other side it is that allowing more flexibility for translating images.

The type-setting, the magic eraser feature makes ImageTranslate a unique tool for translating images at bulk and certainly makes it the best tool for translating pictures.

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