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ImageTranslate is your ultimate tool to translate images online with high fidelity.

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Text Extraction

Extracts text (OCR) from any portion of image with ease and control.


Translates using Google for quick results. You can improve accuracy by editing.


Transfers all colors, positions and fonts from one language to another.

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I loved how the text completely blended in the image, so it looked EXACTLY like the source, but then in my target language. Super!
Anca Lucaciu, Romanian translator
Did my best to make it fail, but it was very close to good even in my worst possible cases. A good idea to entertain friends or clients without recourse to corny card tricks.
Stepan Konev, member
I am happy to know that such tools exist in the market, I am a German language translator and often come across non editable images.
Brian Kruger, German freelance translator
It was simple. I could use it exactly. I was showing the team. Everyone was wowed!
Samir Chaudhary, The Media Ant